Tank Compliance and Closure

Tank compliance ensures environmental protection and environmental protection is good for business. As regulators focus on spill prevention, tank compliance can become more challenging. Streamline takes a proactive approach to tanks services by staying informed on the regulatory changes and being prepared to do the work.

  • For petroleum above ground storage tank facilities, Streamline helps businesses comply with 40 CFR Part 112 – Oil Pollution Prevention and Response. For these facilities, we provide Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plans (SPCC), Integrated Contingency Plans, Facility Analysis, employee training and site inspection services.
  • For petroleum underground storage tanks, Streamline helps business comply with tank upgrade requirements, as well as providing contamination assessment and remediation services. In Florida, the deadline for upgrading to double wall fiberglass tanks is 2009. Done properly, the tank upgrade process can go smoothly and quickly. Improper work causes delays and cost overruns. Streamline has successfully closed hundreds of tanks – correctly, efficiently, cost effectively.
  • For tank facilities regulated by RCRA and other state regulations, Streamline provides a number of valuable services. We provide Sampling Plans and Waste Management during plant turnaround or tank decommissioning. We provide cleaning services to facilitate Inspection and Tank Recertification. Streamline also provides groundwater monitoring and emergency spill response.

Streamline provides sampling services and oversight during underground storage tank removal and contaminated soil excavations. Our staff has successfully directed removal of tanks and contaminated soil from a variety of physical settings including underneath buildings, beneath concrete surface cover, and below the water table.

Specific tasks frequently related to these activities include:

  • Preparing health and safety plans
  • Providing notification to proper authorities
  • Coordinating activities with waste hauling and disposal companies
  • Removing remaining product from tanks
  • Purging tanks with nitrogen or dry ice to displace fuel vapors and render tanks non-hazardous
  • Designing and installing de-watering and temporary remediation systems for tanks situated beneath the water table
  • Performing tank closure sampling
  • Back-filling and restoring surface cover

Streamline uses only qualified excavation contractors that are properly insured and OSHA trained.