Selected Projects

Environmental Assessments

Streamline completes over 100 Phase I/II Environmental Assessments each year, over 1,500 since 1993. Practice makes perfect and we get lots of practice. A few of our larger projects are listed below.

  • Nationwide 80+ facility environmental assessment project for major restaurant chain
  • Nationwide project involving 30+ trucking terminals
  • Phase I and II assessment of numerous petroleum storage facilities
  • Phase I and II assessment of 4,000 acre mixed use property
  • Phase I and II assessment of large scale chemical manufacturing facilities
  • Phase I and II assessments for roadway expansion projects

Contamination Assessment And Remediation

Assessment and remediation of contaminated sites is the core of our suite of services. Our projects are varied and numerous. Here is a sample of the range of projects we have completed.

  • Reclamation of 12-acre industrial landfill at mining facility
  • Design and implementation of groundwater recovery trench at fertilizer plant
  • Reclamation of groundwater contamination by heavy metals using in-situ pH adjustments at metal fabrication company
  • Contamination assessment at municipal waste incinerator
  • Petroleum impacted soil and groundwater remediation using multi-phase extraction and air sparging 
  • Bioremediation of solvent impacted groundwater
  • Excavation and disposal of lead and arsenic impacted soils at battery manufacturing site
  • Excavation and disposal of pesticide impacted soils at aerial spraying company
  • Recovery and disposal of 7,000 gallons of free product 

Emergency Response

Accidents happen, but it is no accident when Streamline gets the call. From tractor trailer accidents and train derailments to laboratory spills and over filling at the pump, we respond quickly to minimize environmental impacts from spills.

  • Fuel tanker truck spills
  • Di-ammonium phosphate train car derailment
  • Diesel locomotive tank rupture
  • Mercury spill in chemical laboratory
  • Drilling fluid discharge to wetland
  • Fuel discharge to surface water
  • Phosphoric acid discharge

Waste Management

  • Decommission and closure of industrial treatment ponds and chemical bulk terminal
  • Decommissioning of 30+ PCB containing electrical transformers at phosphate processing facility
  • Lead-based paint removal from 1000 feet of industrial piping 
  • Characterization, consolidation and disposal of 30 drums of industrial waste
  • Sampled and characterized over 300 drums of hazardous waste generated during turnaround of a large sulfuric acid manufacturing plant
  • Arranged the disposal of over 200,000 tons of contaminated soil. Contaminants have included petroleum, solvents, heavy metals, agrichemicals and more.
  • Currently oversee the waste management program for several large educational institutions, agricultural businesses, and industrial manufacturing facilities located throughout the State of Florida

Environmental Auditing And Permitting

  • Stormwater permit and compliance monitoring for large steel fabrication facility
  • Air permit for automotive painting facility
  • Industrial waste water permit for fertilizer plant
  • Environmental audits for 30+ dry cleaning facilities
  • Spill response plan for industrial port facility
  • Stormwater Best Management Practices for fertilizer packaging plant
  • Environmental audits of waste disposal facilities
  • Comprehensive environmental audit for 15,000 square ft electronics manufacturing facility

Surface Water And Groundwater Studies

  • Dye tracer test at mining facility to assess integrity of clay settling ponds
  • Surface water quality and flow monitoring program for mining area watershed
  • Water quality based effluent limitation study for wastewater permit
  • Groundwater pumping test for siting of municipal water well
  • Groundwater modeling for remediation project (MODFLOW, WINFLOW, BIOCHLOR, BIOSCREEN, and others)
  • Surface water and sediment sampling for shipping channel dredging project

Tank Services

Florida alone has over 30,000 registered storage tanks and Streamline has successfully cleaned and closed numerous aboveground and underground storage tanks.

  • Tank closure of numerous petroleum underground storage tanks at service stations, agricultural sites, airports, commercial properties, and industrial facilities
  • Removal and closure of numerous heating oil tanks at commercial and residential facilities
  • Cleaning, inspection, and recertification of industrial process tanks
  • Ground penetrating radar to locate buried tanks