Contamination Assessment and Remediation

Regardless of the nature of the contaminant, the mission of each project is the same: to define the extent of contamination and determine the best remedial strategy.

Streamline has assessed all types of contaminants under varying hydrogeologic conditions. We use our thorough understanding of chemical properties and behavior in the subsurface to design cost-effective sampling and analysis programs to identify and track contaminants. Our excellent relationship with environmental agencies and knowledge of regulations produces thorough reports and expedited reviews by the regulatory community.

A report is only as good as the data it contains. Streamline uses the best and most reliable tools to collect environmental data in order to remove the guesswork out of targeting contamination. We use procedures that are fast, efficient, and compact to get into small areas like buildings, easements, and roadways.

Streamline is a leader in remediation technology and we retain this status through education, experience, and comprehensive performance evaluation of our remedial systems. Although remediation strategies vary, they have three factors in common: each system is designed to be effective, flexible, and easily maintained. Streamline's experienced staff ensures remediation equipment is kept operational and optimized for the fastest and most effective remediation possible. Our remediation performance record demonstrates that sound engineering design and quality construction must go together to provide ultimate customer service and cost-effectiveness for our clients.