Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments

Streamline provides thorough, expedient, and cost effective Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) services to comply with environmental “due diligence” and All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) requirements in commercial property transactions. Streamline follows the guidelines established by 40 CFR 312, ASTME 1527-05- Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments.

“We understand that the risk tolerance of our clients varies; therefore our job is not to tell the client whether or not to become involved in a piece of property but rather to provide the client with the information they need to make a sound business decision.”

The highlights of our program:

Phase I ESA

The Phase I ESA is performed to determine the potential for environmental impairment to a property. This goal is achieved through comprehensive research and documentation of the site’s history and surroundings, as well as a visual inspection of the property’s physical and environmental features.

Specific Benefits Streamline Offers:

  • All work performed by experienced Environmental Professionals and reviewed by Senior Staff;
  • Our Quality Assurance Program ensures that our reports are accurate and error free;
  • Nationwide Capabilities from individual sites to multi-site programs;
  • Rapid turnaround;
  • Aggressive, Unique Pricing;
  • Low Cost Phase I ESA Updates provided for delayed closings;
  • Custom formats.

Phase II ESA

When additional investigation is warranted, a Phase II ESA is performed. Streamline prepares and implements a targeted sampling plan to assess soil and groundwater for adverse impacts.

Streamline’s Phase II ESA Benefits:

  • Diverse Project Experience assessing a large range of contaminants including petroleum, hazardous wastes, PCBs, solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, nutrients and more;
  • Remediation Strategies and Estimates, if necessary, can be provided with report results;
  • Streamline maintains Specialized Environmental Equipment necessary to collect accurate soil and groundwater quality data;
  • Our experience ensures accurate sampling for reduced environmental risk.